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"I have known Judge Taylor for decades. I had the privilege of practicing law with him for over twenty five years. During that time, I watched him grow into one of the most respected litigation attorneys in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He has the demeanor, experience, work ethic and common sense necessary for any great judge. These are the qualities that have garnered overwhelming support from the legal community. Judge Taylor has my unequivocal support. All Fayette Countians who are interested in an intelligent and fair judicial system should vote to Keep Judge Taylor."

Douglas L. Hoots - Attorney

“I’m grateful for the chance to share my belief that Jeff Taylor is the best choice for circuit judge in the election on May 17th. Having good judges is so important for our community. Good judges are folks like Judge Taylor, who has many years of experience representing real people in court, who has respect and compassion for all that come before him, who has a fair and kind temperament that leads to respect for his decisions. Judge Taylor was my law partner for a long time before he took the bench. He is honorable, smart, and hard working. While I hated to lose him as a colleague, Fayette County needs and deserves a well qualified judge and keeping Judge Taylor on the bench is the right vote to cast.”

Leslie P. Vose - Attorney

“As a practicing lawyer in Fayette County, I have the opportunity to appear in front of all of our courts. There are several candidates running for Fayette Circuit Court, Division 7 along with the incumbent, Jeff Taylor. I am writing this post in support of Judge Taylor. While I know many of the other candidates personally, having appeared in front of Judge Taylor numerous times leads me to one conclusion. He is the most qualified for this position. He is fair, considerate to all of the attorneys and people that appear before him and his experience in the courtroom is unmatched. Please do your part and vote to keep Judge Taylor on the bench. We need Judges like him and he is the best person for the job.”

Chris Spedding - Attorney

“Judge Taylor was my mentor during my formative years as a young lawyer. He taught me so much about trial and motion practice. However, the most important thing he taught me was the importance of being cordial and extending grace to opposing counsel. He did not believe effective advocacy required cutthroat tactics and his trial record spoke for itself. Even after the most contentious trial, he maintained positive relationships with opposing counsel. I am supporting Judge Taylor because he is fair and treats everyone with the utmost respect.”

Hilary Jarvis - Attorney

“I have been around lawyers and judges my entire life, and I have seen good, bad, and a few great judges. What sets them apart is their understanding of the law, fairness in applying the law, and work ethic. Jeff knows and understands the law, and this has allowed him to fairly apply the laws to his cases. The greatest testament to his fairness is the vast list of his supporters from both sides of the aisle. When you find a lawyer who vigorously advocates for his clients but maintains the respect of his adversaries, then you have found one of the great ones. Yet, Jeff’s work ethic impresses me the most. He is relentless and won’t stop until the job is done. With these qualities coupled with his vast courtroom experience, Jeff is and will go down in history as one of those few great judges. You should vote to keep Judge Taylor.”

Will Wilhoit - Attorney

“Judge Jeff Taylor brings decades of experience to the Bench as a Litigator. That is exactly what has made the Fayette Circuit Bench so strongly reputed as a place where all Litigants can get a fair trial on a level playing field. In addition, he has been my long time loyal friend. Through all times, Jeff was there. People care what Jeff does and has to say because they first know Jeff genuinely cares about them. One other characteristic I have noted, Jeff has never carried any pre-conceived notions about issues into any case he has handled. He waits until all facts are gathered, even with parties he has defended. That is what you want and expect from a Trial Judge. He has my total support!"

Pierce W. Hamblin - Mediator
Karen Keith

"I have had the privilege of knowing Judge Taylor for over 30 years. He has always proven to be a tireless worker, knowledgeable resource, zealous advocate, and, perhaps most importantly, a trusted advisor, colleague, and friend to so many in our profession. The fact that he has garnered such a varied and impressive lineup of endorsements from former co-workers, mediators, and even adversaries, speaks highly of his qualifications for the seat he now holds. Everything you would want in a trial judge- dedication, diligence, intelligence, compassion, work ethic, a sense of fairness, and experience as a trial lawyer- are traits that Judge Taylor brings to the Fayette Circuit Court. "

Karen Keith - Attorney

"Jeff Taylor will be another great Judge for Fayette County. Jeff has the training and temperament for the job and for excellence. He has tried cases all across Kentucky for many years. He knows how to manage a trial and how to handle a case in pretrial procedures. Jeff is honest and a hard worker. He doesn’t anger easily and will respect those before him. His character is to be fair and that may be his most important trait. I recommend Judge Taylor without reservation. Please vote for and support this gentleman who will be the next great Fayette County Judge."

Bayard Collier - Mediator
Al Grasch

"Judge Taylor is an outstanding member of our Fayette County Bench and, without reservation, I endorse him in this election. I dealt with him only as an adversary before he assumed the Bench, and when you endorse your opponent, it speaks volumes. Outstanding legal knowledge, skills and judgment; always professional and courteous. Let’s keep Judge Taylor on our Bench."

Al Grasch - Attorney
Whitney Stepp - Judge Jeff Taylor Supporter

When I was a young Associate at Landrum & Shouse, Jeff Taylor was one of the Partners who took a true interest in my development as a trial lawyer. Jeff made sure I stayed busy, was responsive when I had questions, and was patient with me as I learned, despite his own busy trial calendar. His knowledge and demeanor are second to none. Governor Beshear absolutely made the right decision when he appointed Judge Taylor to this position. He is more than qualified for the job. Let’s vote to KEEP Judge Taylor on the bench on May 17th!

Whitney Stepp - Attorney
Hank Jones

I was in the practice of law for 47 years. I have practiced with and been a mediator for the best attorneys in Kentucky. Jeff Taylor ranks at the top. Knowledgeable, consummate professional, simply the best. I strongly support Jeff Taylor for Judge in the Fayette Circuit Court.

Hank Jones - Mediator
Heather Warren

"I had the great privilege of working for Judge Jeff Taylor as an associate attorney at Landrum and Shouse. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor as I expanded my practice from predominantly criminal to civil litigation. Jeff earned his reputation as a knowledgeable and talented trial attorney by trying cases, so I was eager to learn from him. Jeff is sincerely happy to share his legal knowledge and litigation experience with young litigators, and he makes the practice of law better by doing so. Jeff treats everyone with courtesy and respect, and he shows by his actions that this is just as important to his success as the number of verdicts he has won. I support Jeff Taylor in his run for election to continue to serve Fayette County as Circuit Court Judge."

Heather Warren- Attorney
Brian House - Mediator

I have had the occasion to work with thousands of lawyers in my forty -one years of practicing law in Kentucky. I have practiced as a mediator/arbitrator since 1992 and have mediated over twelve thousand cases during that time. It has been my pleasure to observe and engage with Jeff Taylor from the beginning of his career, watching him mature and develop into one of the finest trial lawyers in Kentucky. He is simply one of the very best both in the courtroom and in the intellectual processes of the law where facts are analyzed and law applied. I have also had the very good fortune to come to know Jeff and his precious family on a personal basis. He is a firmly grounded individual with solid family values who is sensitive to the needs of the people who come before him in court. The citizens of Fayette County are fortunate to have Jeff now serving as one of their judges. He is doing an excellent job and will do so for years to come. I wholeheartedly endorse him as he runs for election to continue to serve as a circuit judge in Fayette County.

Brian House - Mediator
Linda Hopgood - Keep Judge Jeff Taylor

As a mediator, I have had the privilege of working with Judge Taylor when he was a trial lawyer. Through the eyes of a mediator, Judge Taylor has a proven record of being a knowledgeable advocate, a calm and intense listener to all sides of a conflict and a diligent worker toward resolution. All of these qualities are necessary for a successful trial judge. Judge Taylor has continued to exhibit these qualities on the bench.

Linda M. Hopgood - Mediator
Peter D Palmer

I have known Jeff Taylor for many years, during which time he’s been amongst the most respected lawyers throughout Kentucky. His reputation as a hard worker, a talented and trustworthy lawyer, while always practicing with civility and respect to others now serves him well in his role as a Judge. Based on my personal experience, I trust Jeff Taylor and know he will be fair to all who appear before him, intelligent in his approach and compassionate in his rulings – everything lawyers seek in a Judge. I am proud to support Judge Jeffrey Taylor and urge everyone in Fayette County to trust him with your vote.

Peter D. Palmer - Mediator
Joyce Merritt

“Judge Taylor spent his career as a trial lawyer prior to taking the bench. As a trial lawyer with over 25 years of courtroom experience, I practiced countless cases against Jeff Taylor. While defending his cases, he was always honest, fair, professional, and compassionate. He thoughtfully considered opposing viewpoints and worked to reach an equitable resolution. When a case needed to go to trial, he was a tireless worker and advocate for his clients. Judge Taylor has brought his experience, dedication, and character to the bench and attorneys and parties can rest easy knowing they will be treated with respect and fairness when appearing before him.”

Joyce Merritt - Attorney
Robert Duncan Jackson Kelley PLLC

I have been a trial attorney for almost 40 years and have been the mediator for several thousand cases. I have litigated and mediated many cases with Jeff Taylor. Jeff is always well prepared, has an excellent understanding of the law and demonstrates exemplary demeanor. He has the skill set and character traits to be an extraordinary Judge. I trust him without reservation and wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Taylor's candidacy for Circuit Judge.

Robert Duncan - Mediator
Judge Jeff Taylor

We are honored to host Judge Jeff Taylor tonight. He is is a tremendous judge and we are proud to support him.

Jonathan Rabinowitz - Attorney

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